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CLOVES Awareness day is every year on August 3rd.  Join us in raising awareness, support, and funds for CLOVES Syndrome in the weeks leading up to August 3rd. Check out our Facebook Event Page for details on raising awareness. We also post awareness images on Instagram and Facebook for you to share with friends and family.

Our Biennial Family Conference is an opportunity for learning, connection and meeting with the world's leading CLOVES experts to hear about quality of life, treatment and living with CLOVES. Our Family Conference is held in Boston and the next one is tentatively planned for 2021.

The final date is dependent on meeting our fundraising goals. Sign up for our newsletter to receive notifications about the date and details of our next conference.

We believe in the power of play, fun, laughter and connection.  We believe in taking time to savor moments with one another.  We believe in rest and relaxation.  Join us annually at CLOVES Family Camp at Barbara C. Harris Camp and Conference Center in Greenfield, NH.  Camp programming provided by our partner organization Zebra Crossings.   

CLOVES Family Camp - Greenfield, NH

We've scheduled our 2nd Family Camp session for JULY 26-28, 2019 at Barbara C. Harris Camp and Conference Center in Greenfield, NH.

Zebra Crossings and CLOVES Syndrome Community welcome people with CLOVES and their families to join us for a weekend of fun, connection and relaxation.   

In this section, you'll find our two CLOVES publications for kids,  blogs, e-magazines, access to our secret FaceBook group, as well as resources for coping with progressive and chronic illness. 

Some people with CLOVES/PROS receive Special Education services in the public school setting. Learn about Special Education laws, your rights, resources to have on hand and some pro tips about how to keep all of your educational paperwork organized.

The CLOVES Syndrome Community Family Assistance Program provides financial relief to families impacted by CLOVES Syndrome. We are a community that understands CLOVES Syndrome and the associated financial burdens. Our mission with the CSC Family Assistance program is to alleviate some of the costs associated with medical care, medical-related travel, and other CLOVES-related needs.

A partial list of multidisciplinary Vascular Anomalies Centers and treatment centers that may be able to provide treatment, monitoring and oversight for CLOVES/PROS.

A list of private and commercial providers who may be able to get you/your child to out of state medical treatment.

Finding well fitting and appropriate footwear can be a huge challenge for people living with CLOVES. Our shoe resources page includes shoe providers to purchase two sizes of shoes, shoe modifications, adaptive/non-traditional footwear and 3D printed shoes.